8 Reasons why we decided to move to PCR+ for our UTI’s

8 Reasons why we decided to move to PCR for our UTI’s

  1. Better Pathogen Identification
  2. Better Turn Around Times (TAT)
    • Week-day TAT Goal: Same day Results of receipt of sample
    • Week-end TAT Goal: Two day Results of receipt of sample
  3. Better Patient Care (faster targeted antibiotic)
    • Able to prescribe a targeted antibiotic within the 1st 24 hrs of sample collection
    • Able to de-prescribe the broad spectrum antibiotic sooner
  4. Better Antibiotic Stewardship Compliance
  5. Better Diagnostic Stewardship
  6. Able to tailor the UTI by PCR+ process to better meet the needs of LTC
    • By developing a “comprehensive” diagnostic product combining the strengths of both PCR and traditional C&S micro
  7. Able to correct and improve the drawbacks and failures of the early UTI by PCR
  8. Able to better correlate the UTI PCR+ Results with C&S 2 days sooner

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